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Launch Complex 43

Launch Complex 43 Systems
  • Hopi Dart
  • Nike Javelin
  • Nike Cajun
  • Nike Apache
  • Nike Tomahawk
  • Nike Smoke
  • Nike Viper
  • Cajun Dart
  • Loki
  • Super Loki
  • Judi-Dart
  • Arcas
  • Hugo

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Launch Complex Highlights

  • There were five pads: 43A, 43B, 43C, 43D and 43E. Pads A, B and C were together and pads D and E were separated and south of Pads A, B and C
  • Over 4,680 small weather/sounding rockets were launched between 1962-1984 from this complex, mainly Loki, Arcas and Judi-Dart
  • Pad A, B and C launched Arcas, Loki, Super Loki missile boosters
  • Later Pad C launched Nike and Cajun
  • Pad D launched 6 Nike Cajun in early 1963 in support of Project TRUMP (Target Radiation Measurement Program) for atmospheric measurements; ultraviolet radiation experiment
  • NASA launched over 100 Nike Smoke rockets to trace upper atmosphere wind patterns in the mid 1960's
  • 6 Nike Tomahawk were launched in January 1967, MUMP (Marshall University of Michigan Probes) project to study upper atmospheric conditions
  • In 1984, weather rocket operations moved to Launch Complex 47 to make room for the construction of Launch Complex 46.
    The Launch Control Facility was destroyed when Launch Complex 46 was built

NOTE: Other sounding rockets were launched from the Cape between 1959 and 1961. Sites for these launchings were near the Lighthouse and Hangar C

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Arcas - undated - Launch Complex 43