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First United States Space Launch Monument

First United States Space Launch Monument

Display location: Front of museum blockhouse

Placed during the 50th anniversary ceremony held at the museum in January 2008.

31 JANUARY 1958

On this date the U.S. Army's Ballistic Missile
Agency launched the United States' first
space craft - Explorer 1. The Jet Propulsion
Laboratory and the State University of Iowa
developed the satellite payload which was
launched on an Army Jupiter-C rocket.
Explorer I made significant contributions to
the exploration of space with the discovery
of the Van Allen Radiation Belts

We salute the dedicated soldiers and
civilians who answered the nation's call and
blazed the trail for future generations of
space explorers.

Placed here in celebration of the
50th anniversary of Explorer 1.

Members of:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Army Space Professional Association
ITT Corporation