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Eglin Air Force Base

Location: Florida

Also Known As: Eglin Army Airfield, Eglin Field

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National Register of Historic Places: Two sites along the Santa Rosa Island coastline have been designated National Historic Sites by the National Park Service for their history with JB-2 missile development.

Historical Summary

Eglin Air Force Base, located in the northwestern Florida area known as the panhandle, has a history of association with missiles, missile development and missile testing going back to World War II. This association includes the German developed V-1 and its U.S. copy, the JB-2 (Jet Bomb-2). Bomarc and Matador test and training took place at Eglin Air Force Base and over the Gulf of Mexico. Also included are tests and evaluation of air-launched missiles such as the Quail and Hound Dog.


  • U.S. copy of German V-1 "Buzz Bomb" were slightly heavier and had more wing area
  • Also known as: "Jet-Bomb-2" by U.S. Army; "Loon" by U.S. Navy
  • Multiple launch ramps along Santa Rosa Island were used
  • First launch - 12 October 1944, failed
  • Ten more attempted JB-2 launches by 3 December 1944
  • 1945 - 164 JB-2 launches, 128 successful
  • 15 September 1945 - JB-2 production ended with total 1391 built


  • First launch - 15 January 1959 from Santa Rosa Island


  • Climatic testing performed in hangar at Eglin
  • Launched into Gulf of Mexico
  • Many were used as target drones for aircraft and other missiles


  • Mace sent to Eglin as target drones
  • 165 launched from Santa Rosa Island
  • May 1977 - Final Mace launch from complex A-15 on Santa Rosa Island


  • Air launched decoy

Hound Dog

  • Air launched winged missile

Regulus II (U.S. Navy)

  • Target drones for Bomarc

U.S. Army missiles

  • Nike Nike, Honest John, Tomahawk Sandia & Terrier Tomahawk launched from site A-15


  • Launched from site D-3
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JB-2 Bunker and Ramp, 1944-45