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Launch Complex 4300 C-6

Launch Complex 4300 C-6

Also Known As: None

  • Scout Scramjet
  • Blue Scout Jr.

Other Programs: None

Cost: Not stated

Launch Complex Highlights

  • Built for the U.S. Air Force in 1963 as a Blue Scout Jr. launch facility
  • Located directly northeast of SLC-10 and consists of a single missile launch shelter
  • Building is constructed of poured reinforced concrete foundation with steel panel walls bolted to a steel frame and a medium pitched gable roof
  • Two doors on the roof of the shelter open to allow a probe launch from a retractable launcher
  • 17 December 1963 - Single launch of Blue Scout Jr. with a space probe. Launch was performed by a Strategic Air Command (SAC) crew.
  • 11 January 1967 - Single launch of Scout Scramjet consisting of a Scout first stage and Scramjet upper stage. Launch was performed by an Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) crew.
  • Only two launches were made from this complex
  • Site has been decommissioned and equipment removed
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